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Jimmy Cricket

Named Comedian: Jimmy Cricket
Legendary TV Comedian

Hi folks, thought I would tell you me a bit about myself, so come closer! I was actually born James Mulgrew on October 17 1945 in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, so I celebrated (if thats the right word!) my 69th birthday in 2014. I left...

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Johnnie Casson

Named Comedian: Johnnie Casson
One of the Original Comedians

From your first encounter with Johnnie Casson, you soon realise he not only tells funny stories, based on situations in life, he is a genuine funny man with a natural asset, "like-ability". Jonnie has appeared on five Des O'Connor Shows...

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Mick Miller

Named Comedian: Mick Miller
Stand Up Comedian

Mick was born, Michael Lawton, in Dingle, an area of Liverpool, on 25th February 1950. His father, Stanley, was the manager of a mobile Co-Op shop. His mother, Evelyn, worked in the local Co-Op store. He has an older sister, Marilyn. From...

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Roy Walker

Named Comedian: Roy Walker
TV Personality & Comedian

Roy Walker is already well known to TV viewers through top ITV game show, "Catchphrase", and has won a whole new fan base through his regular "Carpark Catchphrase" feature on Chris Moyles' BBC Radio 1 breakfast show. He has become a huge...

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