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Duncan Norvelle

Named Comedian: Duncan Norvelle
Duncan "Chase Me" Norvelle

There's more to Duncan NORVELLE than just his instantly recognisable catch phrase CHASE ME Leicestershire born Duncan came to public notice after appearing on Saturday Royal for Lionel Blair... Duncan did his apprenticeship in show...

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Jimmy Cricket

Named Comedian: Jimmy Cricket
Legendary TV Comedian

Hi folks, thought I would tell you me a bit about myself, so come closer! I was actually born James Mulgrew on October 17 1945 in Cookstown, Northern Ireland, so I celebrated (if thats the right word!) my 69th birthday in 2014. I left...

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Johnnie Casson

Named Comedian: Johnnie Casson
One of the Original Comedians

From your first encounter with Johnnie Casson, you soon realise he not only tells funny stories, based on situations in life, he is a genuine funny man with a natural asset, "like-ability". Jonnie has appeared on five Des O'Connor Shows...

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Mick Miller

Named Comedian: Mick Miller
Stand Up Comedian

Mick was born, Michael Lawton, in Dingle, an area of Liverpool, on 25th February 1950. His father, Stanley, was the manager of a mobile Co-Op shop. His mother, Evelyn, worked in the local Co-Op store. He has an older sister, Marilyn. From...

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Roy Walker

Named Comedian: Roy Walker
TV Personality & Comedian

Roy Walker is already well known to TV viewers through top ITV game show, "Catchphrase", and has won a whole new fan base through his regular "Carpark Catchphrase" feature on Chris Moyles' BBC Radio 1 breakfast show. He has become a huge...

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