Looking for something to draw in the crowd? Then look no further, with our professional wresters they are guaranteed to put on a great show.

A selection of acts so unique that we simply couldn't put them anywhere else!

If you're looking for something truly different, you could just find what you're after in here.

Best of British Wrestling

Wrestling: Best of British Wrestling
Action Packed Entertainment

Best of British Wrestling hold shows across the British Isles, and are available to hire for shows. Want a wrestling theme at your child's upcoming birthday or your wedding day? Maybe you would like to include us in your entertainment...

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The American Wrestling Show

Wrestling: The American Wrestling Show
Full American Wrestling Show Tribute Wrestlers Also Available

The American Wrestling Show offers the top UK and international talent on our roster, with over 15 years of experience we have put on some of the biggest wrestling shows in the UK, including shows at some of the biggest venues in the UK...

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