The days of old aren't that far away! We have some great medieval acts that can add a great twist to your events! Whether you're going for a medieval wedding or just want to run a fun day out for the families you'll find something you'll love! Book today for the best acts in town!

Devilstick Peat

Medieval: Devilstick Peat
Jester & Complete Fool

When Peat first told his family and friends about his ambition to become a fool they were, understandably, concerned! However, undeterred by their reservations Peat persevered and has spent the last 17 years learning a multitude of talents...

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The Black Knight

Medieval: The Black Knight
A Medieval Knight Brought To Life At Your Event

Ian has been performing as a Knight in shining armour for 20 years From Cathedrals and Castles to the classroom and village fetes, for a magnificent centrepiece to your event, The Black Knight is brought vividly to life by Ian's knowledge...

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