Comedy Stage Hypnotist Grant Saunders

The Only Show Where You Are The Star

Grant offers a fast paced, roller coaster of a modern stage hypnosis show that will have audiences from all walks of life laughing and talking about it for years.

With over 15 year in the entertainment industry, I know how to put on a show. I use the power we all have locked in our minds to create a fun filled, action packed hilarious stage hypnosis show where almost anything is possible.

When you book you will discover the amazing pulling power that a quality Comedy Hypnotist will have for your event.

Why Choose a Stage Hypnosis show?

Well first of all stage hypnosis has moved on a lot since the old swinging watch and some old guy chanting you are feeling sleepy for forty min's, in fact most stage hypnosis shows now are fast paced and extremely exciting to watch and are a lot more entertainment focused than that of the older stage shows

I have designed my show for you the customer to entertain and amaze in a way no other show can, thats right I can take your friends and people you know and turn them into the stars of the show and this can be done only with the power of your mind.

Imagine if you will what it can do for your business to have all those people talking about the unbelievable act they saw right on your stage, not only that, I have known people travel for miles to come see my comedy hypnosis show because its different and it sparks the imagination.

I have been a professional stage hypnotist for many years and I can say it is very safe and I never have volunteers doing anything degrading or un ethical because you dont need to. Just like when you book a singer or any other act book a professional like myself and you are guaranteed a great night

Discover the amazing pulling power a stage hypnosis show has, trust me you will not believe your eyes.

Now I am NOT going to tell you that you have to book me "Grant Saunders" because Im the best, because you have to make your own mind up.

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Previous Clients

  • Oceana Nightclubs
  • N.a.b.d
  • The Royal Navy
  • The British Army
  • House Of Fraser
  • Sony
  • Carlton Tv's Thursday Night Live
  • Bbc's Look North
  • Boomtang Mag
  • Vibe Magazine
  • Examiner Stressbusters
  • Sine Fm
  • Fresh Fm
  • Kiss Fm (canada)
  • The Sun
  • The Herald (australia)
  • India Today
  • And Many More!


"Genius... but evil" "One of the "masters of the hypnotism game"
- Kiss FM

"We were astounded by the way this mind master could influence the people brave enough to get involved! A thoroughly enjoyable experience and one great night out to remember."
- Sony UK

Set Formats

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Grant Saunders Offers:

1 x 80 Minute Set
2 x 60 Minute Sets