Caspar Thomas: Magic & Mentalism

Stand-Up Sleight Of Hand Magic & Mentalism

Caspar performs new and classic - invented by some of the greatest magicians of the last 120 years - close up, interactive, before your very eyes sleight of hand magic and mentalism. No suspicious looking boxes. No stooges. No assistants (glamorous or otherwise).

Caspar presents close-up magic with ordinary props: coins, cards, handkerchiefs, newspapers. You'll experience the immediacy and impossibility of close-up magic without the painted dragons and sequins of stage illusionists and he'll present the best of a vast history of great sleight of hand magic and mentalism.

It's a show that will appeal to a wide variety of people - an unashamedly magic show that will inspire even those who didn't know they liked magic. Some routines will be familiar (the so called classics of magic) and some will never have been seen performed before even by magicians, let alone non-magicians. It is a minimalist show whose goal is to present great, direct magic (often material that would otherwise remain unseen by the public) in an uncluttered way. Caspar's role is to present that magic as unobtrusively and enjoyably as possible!

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Previous Clients

  • Leicester Square Theatre
  • Soho Theatre
  • Kings Theatre Edinburgh
  • The Pavilion Theatre Glasgow
  • Tivoli Theatre (aberdeen)
  • Leeds City Varieties
  • The Dancehouse Manchester
  • The Norwich Playhouse
  • Exeter Corn Exchange
  • And Many More!

Previous Festival

  • Edinburgh Fringe: 2014-2017 (4 Years)
  • Brighton Fringe: 2015-2017 (3 Years)
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe: 2016-2017 (2 Years)
  • Reading Fringe: 2016-2017 (2 Years)
  • Plus The Camden, Manchester, Faversham And Clapham Fringe Festivals
  • And Many More!


Caspars sleight of hand and mentalism is of a standard rarely seen anywhere, and never attempted by the current generation of magicians. Phenomenal!
- Jerry Sadowitz

"A master of the sleight of hand."
- FringeReview

"He had them eating, almost literally, out of his hand."
- FringeReview

"His expertise is notable and appreciated... a great show."
- World Magic Review

"Extremely impressive... a great performance."
- North West End

"Its a true pleasure to spend an hour in Thomass wittily self-deprecating company."
- FringeGuru

Set Formats

Caspar Thomas: Magic & Mentalism Offers:

2 x 60 Minute Sets
2 x 30 Minute Sets
2 x 20 Minute Sets