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Comedy magic ventriloquist show featuring live vent act and popular sing along songs with lots of audience participation, there are quick change characters from elvis to patsy cline and Nat King Cole.

The magic is more comedy and surprise as unexpected and random the show is suitable for all types of audience and age group the show can be tailored for any occasion and venue.

As show has a comedy Karaoke so can do anything from 5 min guest spot to 2 hrs sing along time out called the act man of many talents, the there is also 3 shows that are for childrens parties starting at 45 min for Magic balloons puppets sculpture for each child, 1hr 15 min show Magic balloons puppets and games, or 2hr show Magic balloons and puppets, there is a show that is tailored for the elderly at Care homes and day centres, where the show has had great reviews one client said it was the 1st time since her husband dies she laughted so much, with over 25yrs experience shows are of a very high standard working beside celebrities and royalty the shows will make any occasion special

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  • When I Fall In Love
  • All Shook Up
  • My Way
  • Endless Love
  • 1st Last Everything
  • Endless Love
  • My Way
  • When I Fall In Love
  • Wait In Vain

Previous Clients

  • Theatre Royal Windsor
  • 11downing St
  • St James Palace
  • Grovesner Hotel Park Lane
  • Sharm El Sheik Red Sea Resort
  • Coconuts Portugal
  • Apollo Theatre
  • Hackney Empire
  • C,b,b,c
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  • The Gossip 2013
  • New Show Release Nov 2013
  • Bollywood Movie With Top Bollywood Actor Sharuk Khan
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  • Hertz Disney Promotion
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  • Jim Henson Productions Xmas Party
  • Various Carehomes Up And Down The Uk
  • And Many More!


Magdalene Pre School - End of term, end of year leaving party for children. We have had Foxy here entertaining our children for the past 15 years now and he is brilliant, the kids love him. What more can I say he always brings something new each year which is good for us, I think he is fabulous!

Henry Cavendish School disc - Great fun, he got them all dancing and also whipped them up into a frenzy ! Brilliant and a great laugh.

Birthday party in Finchley 2013 - Loved him, children were crying because you were leaving. Children and adults loved it. You are amazing.

Dagenham party Matthew Roberts - It was a wonderful and eventful day, thank you so much for coming to entertain the children and making it such a perfect event.

North camp Aldershot - Absolutely amazing, he kept the children fully entertained, loved every single minute of it and would recommend this man again.

Party in Bermondsey - Great family fun I think you are the best genie going. All the kids loved it.

Party in the park - Party was very good, your control of the kids was excellent, your puppetry was the best bit. Birthday boy said it was really good.

Bradbury House - Wonderful show, Clouie was absolutely amazing all the residents loved him and also a visitor said that if the entertainment is this good she would stay herself, marvellous show.

Freelands Court - Absolutely brilliant all the residents enjoyed it and all took part.

Wingham Court - Sue Fox activities coordinator - very much enjoyed it , we were outside in the garden everyone wanted to join in and sing along, thats were Owen was so good, he encouraged them to join in and we will definitely be booking him again.

Jane at the Grange - Very good and entertaining, everyone participated accordingly, fun, enjoyable and highly recommended.

Welcome Club Jo - Everybody agreed with me, we thought it was absolutely brilliant. Owen was funny from the moment he came in everybody enjoyed the singing.

Set Formats

Afro Dizzy Act Offers:

Kids 45min show consist of magic Balloons and Vent Puppets.

1hr 15 Min Magic balloons Puppets, games.

2hr Magic balloons Puppets and games with a break for food.